Emergency Winter Parking Ban

The winter parking ban is in effect from midnight to 6 p.m. every day of the week from December 2, 2019 to until until April 1st 2020. Residents are asked to adhere to the alternate side of the street parking ordinance where parking is allowed. If found in violation cars will be ticketed and towed. If you have any questions, call 978-620-3090 or visit the City’s website.

Alternate Parking Allowed

  1. A - B
  2. C - D
  3. E - F
  4. G - L
  5. M - P
  6. R - Z
  • Abbott Street
  • Allen Street (General Street to Angle)
  • Allston Street
  • Ames Street (Riverside Drive to Haverhill Street)
  • Amesbury Street
  • Amherst Street
  • Appleton Street
  • Atkinson Street
  • Auburn Street
  • Bailey Street
  • Ballard Street
  • Barker Street
  • Barnard Street
  • Basswood Street
  • Bay State Road (McFarlin Street to Mater Street)
  • Beacon Street
  • Beaconsfield Street
  • Belknap Street
  • Bellevue Street
  • Bennett Street
  • Bennington Street (Auburn Street to Chestnut Street)
  • Beresford Street
  • Berkeley Street
  • Bigelow Street
  • Blanchard Street
  • Bodwell Street
  • Bowdoin Street
  • Boxford Street
  • Bradford Street
  • Brookfield Street
  • Bruce Street
  • Burke Street
  • Burlington Street
  • Butler Street
  • Byron Avenue

Alternate Parking - 12:01 a.m. to 6 a.m.

On the following streets, between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 6 a.m., Monday through Friday, alternate parking shall be allowed:

  • Ames Street, from Haverhill Street to Water Street
  • Andover Street
  • Arlington Street, from Broadway to the Methuen Line
  • Broadway, from the Methuen Line to Canal Street
  • Canal Street, from Prospect Street to Union Street
  • Common Street
  • East Haverhill Street, from Steiner Street to Avon Street
  • Eastside Street, entire length
  • Essex Street
  • Ferry Street, from Marston Street to East Haverhill Street
  • General Street, from Prospect Street to Union Street
  • Hampshire Street, from Lawrence Street to Arlington Street
  • Hampshire Street, from Myrtle Street to Canal Street
  • Haverhill Street, except from Jackson Street to Amesbury Street and from Broadway to the Methuen Line
  • Jackson Street, from Canal Street to Kendrick Street and from Berkeley Street to Methuen Line
  • Lawrence Street
  • Lowell Street, from Ames Street to Lawrence Street
  • Market Street, from Loring Street to Parker Street
  • Merrimack Street
  • Methuen Street, from Broadway to Amesbury Street
  • Methuen Street, from Lawrence Street to Union Street
  • Parker Street, from Andover Street to Merrimack Street
  • Prospect Street, from the Methuen Line to Canal Street
  • Salem Street, from Emmett Street to Shawsheen Road, with the exception of that portion of Salem Street between Newton Street and Everett Street
  • Salem Street, from Emmett Street to South Union Street
  • South Broadway
  • South Union Street
  • Tremont Street, from Hampshire Street to West Street
  • Union Street
  • Water Street, from Ames Street to Broadway
  • West Street
  • Winthrop Avenue, from Chickering Street to Parker Street

If your street is not on this list, then parking is not allowed.

All-Night Parking

All-Night Parking permitted at the following locations:

  • Arlington School - Arlington Street
  • CARL Lindquost School - Emmett Street side only
  • Charles Storrow Park - High Street side only from Pleasant Street southerly to Storrow Terrace
  • Exterior of Breen School - Yard only
  • Exterior of Lahey School - Yard only
  • Exterior of Rollins School - Platt Street only
  • James F. Leonard School Playground - South side
  • Parthum School - Playground area to East Haverhill

It is very important that the motorists cooperate and remove their vehicles out of all public areas no later than 7 a.m. All vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense who fail to comply with the above time schedule. Also all vehicles immobilized by accident, mechanical, uninsured or uninspected left on all city-owned land will be towed at owner’s expense.