Recycling Program

Recycling Bins & Stickers

Recycling stickers are free for the residents of Lawrence and can be picked up at the Recycling Office or the Department of Public Works at City Hall, on the second floor, room 201. These should be placed on any large barrel/bin used to hold plastics, cans, glass, tin, aluminum, paper, newspaper, boxes and mixed paper. No food, please.

Participate in Lawrence's Recycling Program

It’s great that you are interested in efficiently recycling at your home. The bins are too small and insufficient in size. As part of our recycling program we give residents green stickers that read “Lawrence Recycles” to be placed on any barrel you have at home. Now you can use older barrels and even better you can use a much larger bin to fill up with your recyclables. Some residents choose to purchase a large barrel with a lid and wheels.

Single Stream

Lawrence has a single stream recycling system, which means that you’re able to mix all recyclables in the same bin. Paper, news paper, cardboard, plastic, food cans, aluminum cans and glass can all be together. No more separating recyclables.

Bulk Items

If you need to schedule a “bulk item” pick up, please call the city’s garbage hauler EL Harvey service line at 800-321-3002.

Thank you,

City of Lawrence
Department of Public Works
Recycling Coordinator
Phone: 978-620-3311