Public Records Requests

Public Record Request Information

  1. Pursuant to the Public Records Law, the following person has been designated as the Records Access Officer (RAO) for the City of Lawrence and all its departments: City Clerk All public records requests should be directed to this person using the contact information below. Public records requests may be made in-person, via first class mail, fax or electronic mail.
  2. Public Records Requests may be made in one of the following manners:
    1. Orally in person to the RAO;
    2. In writing delivered to the RAO; or
    3. Delivered to the RAO via first class mail, electronic mail or facsimile.

The RAO or delegate will respond to the Public Records Request within ten (10) business days after receipt of any request.

RAO for the City of Lawrence:

City Clerk
200 Common Street, Suite 107

  1. Public Records

    City Clerk