Dog License Information

Owners are required to license their dogs in the City of Lawrence. Although dog licenses may be purchase at any time throughout the year, dog licenses are issued beginning April 1st and are valid until March 31st of the following year regardless of when issued.

Licenses can only be issued “in person” and in the name of the “owner.” 

Required Documents

Documentation concerning recent rabies vaccinations administered and any neutering performed must be presented at the time of licensing. Please consult with your veterinarian concerning these matters.


The license fee for each neutered dog to be registered is $15. The license fee for each dog not neutered is $50.

Waiver of Fees

Wavier of any fee is provided through General Law chapter 140, section 139 [i.e., service dogs for the deaf, hearing impaired, or blind; and, persons aged 70 years and over]. Please provide appropriate documentation to obtain any waive you may claim and remind the City Clerk’s staff of any exemption at the time of registration.