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Red Car with Wheels and Tires Stolen

Theft of Wheels & Tires in Lawrence

Theft of wheels and tires is a problem in Lawrence, in numerous nearby cities and towns, and in many communities across the country. Seemingly, rims and tires are getting targeted because they are easy to steal, easy to sell, can't be easily identified, and are an alternative to stealing an entire motor vehicle (which is becoming more difficult to steal and easier to track.)

Reduce Your Risk

Despite the attractiveness of motor vehicle wheels and tires for thieves, there are steps that vehicle owners can take to reduce their risk of being victimized.

  • Use Lug Nut Locks
    Lug nut locks (sometimes called wheel locks) are less expensive than full wheel locks, like a boot. They cost from $10 to $100. A special key is needed to unscrew the lug nut, preventing a thief from using a standard wrench to easily unscrew the lug nuts. Although they can be defeated, using them significantly increases the effort required by thieves to steal the tire.
  • Park in a high-traffic area and/or a well-lit area. This will help increase the risk of thieves getting caught and may make them think twice before targeting vehicle in a higher-profile area.
  • Lock Your Doors
  • Report suspicious activity or relevant information to the police

Locations of Thefts

In 2013, thefts of wheels and tires occurred throughout the city in a fairly dispersed pattern. Motor vehicles parked on the street, in residential parking lots, and in driveways have all been targeted. Car dealerships and repair shops have also been targeted.

Times / Days of Thefts

Theft of wheels and tires is a crime that primarily occurs in the overnight hours between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. This year, thefts have occurred more frequently on weekday days (Monday through Friday) than on weekend days (Saturday and Sunday).

Targeted Makes, Models, & Model Years

Honda Accords, model years 2008 through 2013, are the most frequently targeted cars for wheel and tire thefts. Honda Civics, Acura TLs, and Toyota Venzas were also frequently targeted. Newer cars are more likely to be targeted than older cars. In 2013, the most frequent model year to be targeted was 2013.